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Monastery of Shaolin, the central entrance, China

Teaching Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in Boise Since 1990

"Our goal is to arm all students with techniques and knowledge to assist in their pursuit of optimum health and fitness with a strong emphasis on martial arts ability. The confidence and skills that our students develop are designed to enable them with a complete set of self-defense abilities needed to take them through life’s many challenges!"

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Idaho Shaolin Center in Boise

In 1990, John D. Keller started Idaho Shaolin in Boise Idaho. An 8th Degree Black belt, Elder Master John is certified to teach Shaolin Martial Arts with authority from the Grandmaster of the Shaolin fighting system, Sin Kwang Thé. 

For over 33 years, the Boise Shaolin school has been a full-time martial arts training facility teaching hundreds of students in all aspects of Shaolin Martial Arts. We have classes for all levels of students ranging from beginners to advanced. We have specialized martial arts courses for children, adults, as well as senior adults. Our Tai Chi and Internal arts program is very extensive with training techniques from China’s various long-established methods.

At Idaho Shaolin we teach the complete Shaolin Martial Arts system as it is known today. We continue to teach the traditional methods of training that have been in existence for over 1500 years. In a systematic way, our methods are tailored to fit the needs and desires of today’s students. We do not teach tournament or competition skills. We teach life-long self-defense skills.

Students choose the program that best complements their needs and fits their goals. It's in this way that we help each person reach and attain their martial arts ambitions. Our traditional Kung Fu program is where you learn all of the classical methods of traditional Shaolin Martial Arts. Whether you are in our Adult Kung Fu program, our Senior Kung Fu program, or our Kids Kung Fu program, you will learn the same traditional Shaolin training and fighting techniques that have been taught for the past 1500 years! Northern Fist Kung Fu, Southern Fist Kung Fu, classical animal styles of Kung Fu, and classical Kung Fu weapons are all necessary components of our students training. Included is the in-depth study of China's internal martial arts fighting and training systems. These styles include Tai Chi Ch'uan, Pa Kua Chang, Hsing-I Ch'uan, Meditation, and Chi Kung training plus so much more are all part of our Shaolin Kung Fu program! 

Perhaps you are only interested in Tai Chi and internal arts. Our Tai Chi program is very extensive as we teach many different forms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Meditation. As students progress through our Tai Chi program they will be trained in a wide array of techniques all designed to strengthen your balance, stability, and enhance coordination. Tai Chi has been proven to improve cognitive and brain function as well. From Tai Chi to the unique styles of Pa Kua Ch'ang, to Hsing-I Ch'uan, and more, these methods of training will help you to achieve your goals of attaining greater health and fitness!

 Idaho Shaolin is part of an extensive network of Shaolin schools from across the country that are all under the guidance of Grandmaster Sin K. The’. 

For more information about membership prices please email, call, or stop by and watch a class in session!

Still not sure if Shaolin is for you? Try 1-week for only $20! No strings attached and you have nothing to lose!


What Our Students Say

"Becoming a student at this wonderful school has been one of the best decisions I have made. I love learning about the history and methods of Shaolin training, and Elder Master John is an excellent and understanding teacher. I am in the 40+ class and am happy to find that age doesn't really have much of an effect on training. If you're thinking about taking up martial arts, it's never too late to start!"

 ~Heather, student for 1 year 3 months

Idaho Shaolin Center in Caldwell

The Idaho Shaolin Center in Caldwell began in January of 2004 and has been in business for over 19 years. Head instructor, Associate Master Russell Lesko, is a 5th degree black belt certified under Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé to teach the art of Shaolin.

Master Russ started his training in 1997 in Boise, Idaho under Elder Master John Keller. For over 26 years he has devoted his time to training in Shaolin’s various fighting styles and training techniques. To this day he continues his training directly with Elder Master Keller as well as annual training with Shaolin Grandmaster, Sin Kwang The’.

To learn more about the Caldwell school, please click the link below.

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